Friday, August 21, 2009

Plaxico Burress sentenced to two years with Detroit Lions

Justice Michael Melkonian threw the book at troubled NFL star Plaxico Burress on Monday, sentencing the former Giant wide receiver to two years with the Detroit Lions. Burress was being sentenced for shooting himself in the leg in a NYC nightclub last fall, and all along has maintained that he only fired the gun because he felt his leg was a threat. The judge wasn't buying it, and didn't pull any punches during the sentencing. "Mr Burress, I hereby sentence you to two years with the Detroit Lions," said Melkonian, who added that spending the 24 months with that "wretched franchise will only do you good, give you time to think about your crime." For a lesser charge of felony weapon possession Burress was also handed a sentence of 30 days in a room with an argumentative Ron Jaworski.