Friday, March 2, 2012

Study shows that most Asian economic majors at Harvard are planning NBA careers

Linsanity has taken the nation by storm, but a study has shown that Jeremy Lin is just one of thousands of Asians who have decided to attend Harvard and major in economics as a stepping stone to NBA greatness. When asked why they would go this route, most of those involved in the study said that the NBA was easy money, and an "easy path through the Harvard school of Economics" allows for extra free time to practice basketball. "Let's face it," one young man said, "This isn't pre-med."

Harvard is not shying away from its role in the explosion of coverage of Lin. A school spokesman refused a request for an interview, but did add that "Harvard has always seen itself as the pipeline for Asian point guard economic majors to get to the NBA, and Jeremy is the manifestation of what we have long believed."