Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ron Hits The Movies

Ron recently sat through all 127 hours of 127 Hours, and found it fascinating that anybody could allow themselves to be pinned under a boulder. Here is his review.

This guy ran around on the rocks somewhere in Utah, or was it Colorado? You'll have to watch! Either way, he dislodges a boulder and it seeks revenge by pinning his arm and refusing to move. He makes a farewell video to his parents, and then realizes he only has to cut off his arm to be free. So he does it, then stops off for a drink before erasing the video farewell to his parents (no longer needed), and then flags down a guy who knows a guy who has a helicopter. Now he's doing great; he ended up marrying the boulder and they have a child.

As an aside, during the watching of this movie you might wonder, "would I be able to cut off my arm?" Then by the end you might ask, "would I cut off my arm to get out of watching the rest of this movie?"
Alas, it's a great movie that makes you question many things. If you recently said to yourself, "I'd give anything right now to see a guy cut his arm off to free himself from a bad situation", I could not recommend this movie more.


anonymous said...

I'd give my right arm to be as funny as you! Welcome back- we missed you! Please don't ever go away again!

anonymous said...

thank-you for explaining the couch-cave-boy sequence. I was baffled.

cousin saul said...

I'm SO glad you're back! I checked your blog at least once a week and was dissappointed that you we no longer writing...but now you're back! Hooray!