Tuesday, June 28, 2011

As Derek Jeter approaches 3000th hit milestone, this Derek Jeter can't even count how many times he's had to say "I'm not that Derek Jeter"

This Derek Jeter isn't exactly sick of being asked about that Derek Jeter, but is admitting that that Derek Jeter's chase for 3000 hits has brought extra attention his way, and it's starting to get old.
"When the other Derek hurt his calf people kept asking me if I was feeling ok. That was a little odd", laments the 47 year old postal clerk from Ithaca, NY, who has only thrown a baseball a few times in his life and prefers fishing and reading to team sports. "I'll be happy when he gets his big hit, then maybe people will stop giving me pep talks and telling me to 'spray the ball to all fields'. I don't even know what that means."
This Derek Jeter has been getting strange looks ever since he unwittingly introduced himself to a group of postal inspectors back in 1996. They laughed and pointed, prompting this Derek Jeter to say, "What?"
Upon realizing the coincidence, that Derek Jeter dismissed the peculiarity of it all. "I just kept saying to myself that this other Derek Jeter will probably be a flash in the pan, maybe he'll be out of baseball in a few weeks."
This Jeter admits that for awhile he formerly introduced himself as the "other Derek Jeter", but realized that he sounded silly. He has tried "DJ", and his middle name "Barry", but his coworkers insist on calling him "The Captain".

Ironically, this Derek Jeter's pension kicks in the same year that Derek Jeter's contract expires. According to the US Census bureau, these are the only two men named Derek Jeter in the country.

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